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U.S. Ranked 5th in Overall Cyber Security

U.S. Ranked 5th in Overall Cyber Security

Comparitech Cyber Security Study

The U.S. was ranked 5th most secure overall in a recent study by Comparitech, following behind Japan, France, Canada and Denmark.

Cyber Security Categories

The study on the global state of cyber security covered 60 countries, evaluating several categories to determine which country has the best and worst state of cyber security. The categories included the percentage of devices in a country infected with malware, the rate of various types of cyber attacks when compared to the population, cyber defense measures in place to prevent cyber attacks, and legislation (including in draft) that addresses cyber security concerns.

Cyber Attacks Know No Borders

No country was best across all categories, and while the U.S. is ranked in the top 5, links to less secure countries in the form of remote workers or 3rd-party software could place a U.S.-based business at more risk than its ranking would indicate.
Currently, the onus of preparation falls on individual businesses, not countries. What is your company doing to lessen the risk from potential cyber attacks? For instance, does it have its own mobile private network?

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