Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CyberReef?

Founded in 2012, CyberReef provides the industry’s first cloud-based mobile data bandwidth management and secure private networking solution. By enabling our customers to view and control mobile data usage, we empower them to lower data costs while simultaneously securing data traffic that was previously unprotected. We enable our partners to rapidly enter into and/or grow their mobility business while establishing a lucrative, growth-oriented recurring revenue stream without much effort.

Our Mission

CyberReef empowers enterprises of all sizes to effortlessly reduce rising mobile data consumption. The results are reduced costs via our secure cloud-based solution — we guarantee savings!

Sales FAQs

How do I reach CyberReef sales?

CyberReef sales is available by phone Monday through Friday from 7am CST to 7pm CST, and 24 x 7 x 365 via email and web.

• Phone: (318) 497-7230
• Email: sales@cyberreef.com
• Web: www.cyberreef.com/contact/
• We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours or less

What can CyberReef Sales do for me?

The mission of CyberReef Sales is to educate and enable agents and partners through all phases of the pre and post sales process to ensure success, however our agent or partner defines it.

Whether your mission is to:
• Win new customers
• Retain and grow recurring revenue
• Launch a mobility offering or build on your existing mobility portfolio
• Drive greater value to your customers

CyberReef Sales is there to guide, support and assist you as an extension of your own sales team. We will:

• Plan and deliver CyberReef sales training and certification
• Work with sales leadership and individual sellers to create and execute customer/segment/ industry specific pursuit plans
• Plan, deliver, and co-fund marketing and events
• Provide all the tools, strategy, support, resources and expertise needed

We also provide on-going account management and customer success resources for fully deployed customers. We’ll ensure they’re satisfied and achieving consistent mobile cost savings. We do all the work while you capitalize on a new opportunity to build residual revenues.

With 424% YoY growth from 2016 to 2017, and a 98% customer retention rate since 2012, CyberReef Sales is at the ready to deliver results for you!

What makes CyberReef different from competitors?

CyberReef bandwidth management and secure private networking is a unique, patented solution that brings unique and compelling new capabilities to market no other competing solution has:

1. We can combine our private networking and bandwidth management services together, at no additional costs. Our competitors charge extra for this.

2. Several of our competitors require “client” software on mobile devices for their solution to work. The CyberReef bandwidth management and private networking requires no client software or any end-user involvement during implementation.

3. Our costs are much lower than our competitors, so we pass these savings onto our customers, and we’re the only company in the industry with a rock-solid savings guarantee.

4. The method/procedure that we use to deliver our services is patented.

5. Each Private Network we build is unique and specific to that customer’s requirements.

6. We support all device types supported by the wireless carriers. Our competitors only offer subsets based on the need to have a supported client to perform their services. CyberReef does not require a client and can therefore support anything the carrier can put on the cellular network.

7. Our Private Network solution offers unmatched flexibility with its multi-carrier design approach and multi-point termination architecture, enabling us to consistently meet and exceed customer needs and challenges. Our competitors’ architecture and capabilities are far more limited, and
they do not have the extreme flexibility and configurability as CyberReef.

How much money can the CyberReef Bandwidth Management solution save my customers?

With filtering and alerting in place, CyberReef customers can reduce their mobile data costs by about 60% on average.

What is the CyberReef Savings Guarantee?

We’re confident in our ability to deliver mobile data cost savings, so we created the industry’s first and only savings guarantee. Any CyberReef customer deploying our bandwidth management solution with filtering, alerting and throttling enabled (or any combination of two) is guaranteed to reduce their mobile data costs and achieve a net cost reduction, inclusive of our fees — or we’ll waive our fees. We’re proud to have 98% customer retention since 2012 and have never had to waive fees for a customer because they did not achieve mobile data cost savings using our solution.

Product FAQs

How do customers lower mobile data costs with CyberReef bandwidth management services?

CyberReef provides 6 different bandwidth management capabilities that can be used in any combination for any carrier-approved mobile device to maximize cost savings.

    1. Alerting is provided to each device in the system if desired. CyberReef has a two-alert point offering. The system is based off usage over a period of time. Time is defined as hour/day/week/month. When an alert point is reached, companies are alerted thru emails to the predetermined members of the IT team or other members of the enterprise.
    2. Throttling is provided with the Alerting features to allow the option to slow the data stream down or halt the data flow. Throttling is not necessary if only Alerting is desired – it’s all just part of the toolkit.
    3. Reporting is provided at the Group and Individual level. Companies will make use of Group Application/ URL reports along with ranked list of users. Enterprises may also request detailed information on an individual to see what types of Applications usage has driven up that individual’s usage for the given period.
    4. Filtering can be provided at the Category level or at the individual application or URL. We also support specific IP filtering if required. We provide recommendations at the start of service and the company adopts what they desire from that recommendation. The Group Application Reporting is a wonderful place to find the information that can be used to form the Internet Use Policy a company wishes to implement over time. Our Filtering technology can be used with Enterprises and School Systems. We support a kid-friendly offering based on the CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) requirements from the federal government for publicly funded student mobile internet access for students in grades K through 12.
    5. Concierge Service is provided at no additional cost to our customers and we do not limit its use. Customers communicate their needs and requirements to us in plain English and we handle everything else from initial piloting through implementation and deployment, and throughout a customer’s lifecycle.
    6. Private Networking Backbone is supplied by the Wireless Carrier to CyberReef’s data center. This is the backbone of our Bandwidth Management services and provides secure private access to the internet or a company’s internal infrastructure.
    7. Failover Management. The definition of this service is “When internet connectivity fails and moves over from a wireless to a network connection, CyberReef throttles the data flow so that your business doesn’t accrue excessive overage charges”

My customer is unique. Is the CyberReef bandwidth management solution custom-configurable to my customer’s specific needs?

Yes. The CyberReef bandwidth management solution can be custom-configured to every customer’s specific needs and requirements. Customers can make use of unique combinations and configurations of our bandwidth management and private networking capabilities to solve their specific challenges (lower costs, enforce acceptable use policies, secure sensitive data, etc.). At no additional cost to partners or customers, the CyberReef Concierge Services Team custom-configures our solution for each customer as if they’re an extension of their IT department. Tell us what you need, and we do all the rest.

What are the key capabilities of CyberReef Secure Private Networking solution?

The CyberReef Secure Private Network solution includes the capabilities below, each of which is custom-configurable for any customer:

  1. Split Tunneling allows the customers to utilize an IPsec tunnel to the corporate firewall to access internal services and have access thru a separate path from CyberReef’s data center to the public internet. This allows public traffic to traverse and access the internet without being backhauled to and through corporate infrastructure.
  2. Firewall Termination is performed over an IPsec tunnel over the internet. CyberReef can terminate to a firewall product and/or to routing technology. Most companies utilize firewall technology for secure access.
  3. Cloud Vendor Termination is performed to any cloud vendor like AWS or Azure thru an IPsec tunnel to that vendor. Each Cloud vendor operates a little differently, and CyberReef helps our customers easily navigate those differences.
  4. Any Connect Client(s) are used to gain access to the enterprise cellular private network provided by CyberReef. This is done without being behind the corporate firewall of the enterprise allowing mobile support virtually anywhere in the world to company cellular deployed resource(s).
  5. Multi-Carrier support is offered by CyberReef. Our competitors only offer Point to Point networks. CyberReef can take the data streams from multiple devices over multiple carriers and aggregate that traffic onto a single link to the cloud or firewall infrastructure or both!
  6. Private Static IPs are utilized to allow the customers’ devices to be taken off the Public Internet and makes them invisible to the users of the Public Internet, making them invisible to hackers.

Are CyberReef bandwidth management and secure private networking solutions the same thing?

Yes. At its core, our solution is the private network. That was what we first launched back in 2012 when we opened our doors. From there, we acted on a series of customer requests that ultimately resulted in our bandwidth management capabilities. We offer a single solution at a single price, making everything from sales to implementation, to provide all-in-one support for our partners, our customers, and our team.

How does CyberReef’s Failover service, UptimePlus, work?

The CyberReef UptimePlus solution provides unlimited wireless failover for our customers; critical for business continuity.  Details include:

      1. The industry’s first $19.99 failover to LTE with no overages.*
      2. $49.99/month with Cradlepoint ARC CBA850LP6 Hardware.**
      3. Real-time failover alerting.
      4. Business filtering of non-critical applications.

    *One-time activation fee per SIM: $25
    **One-time activation fee and hardware setup fee per line/device: $50
    Purchase UptimePlus

Do I have to do any implementation work, system set-up, or configuration to enable these features for my customers?

Of course not! The CyberReef Concierge Service will setup and manage all your deployments at no additional cost to you or your customers. You won’t have to lift a finger. CyberReef prides itself in our Concierge Services and acts as an extension of your customers’ IT organization. For customers wishing to be more hands-on, the CyberReef Concierge Service provides a self-service portal that customers can use at no additional cost should it be a requirement.

Can’t end users spoof CyberReef by using their smartphone as a hotspot?

No! CyberReef’s anti-spoofing technology is bulletproof. Unlike our competitors, CyberReef deploys a locked-down mobile private network using static private IP addresses. This network is physically impossible for end-users to bypass or spoof, regardless of the device they’re using or the method by which
they’re connecting to the network.

Is CyberReef compliant with HIPAA, PCS, GPRS, SOX, NERC-CIP and other information security standards?

Yes. We can anonymize user data as required. We do not retain user-level usage data.

Isn’t this the same as MDM, EMM, UEM and other end-point management solutions?

Absolutely not! CyberReef bandwidth management and secure private networking services complement all mobile end-point management solutions, which secure and control mobile end-points only. They don’t control, manage, or secure the mobile data traffic itself. Also, such platforms only support mobile devices that have operating systems like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. They do not support mobile devices that don’t use operating systems – devices like MiFis, IoT end-points, cellular routers, etc. CyberReef bandwidth management and secure private networking hides and filters mobile data traffic while providing usage alerts and rich reporting on mobile data use. These capabilities complement and enhance the value of MDM, EMM, and UEM solutions; such platforms on
their own do not have these unique capabilities.

Does CyberReef work on Wi-Fi networks too?

At this time our services only apply to mobile (cellular) Internet traffic. Our service encourages your customers to utilize Wi-Fi for those services not allowed by a company’s Internet Use Policy.

Is CyberReef tracking my location?

No, we don’t use location to manage service.

Operations & Support FAQs

How do I reach CyberReef Support?

CyberReef technical support is available by phone (318-497-7230) from 7am CST to 8pm CST.

• Contact us via email during normal hours to generate a support ticket at support@crs.desk-mail.com.

• After hours support number: For failures with any of CyberReef’s services during non- business hours, the automated operator should be contacted at 251-279-0749; please leave a voicemail. Your voicemail will be forwarded to the CyberReef Tech team. Please see our definitions of call-in classifications below:

– Critical – Network/Server or critical use Modem – response in one hour or less

– Major – M2M/IOT device, Smartphone or Tablet connection issue with non-critical equipment – response in 12-24 hours

– Minor – Data usage report or general information questions – response within 24 hours

– If after hours, non-critical reported problems (major or minor), will be handled the next business day.

What are CyberReef Support’s hours?

7am CST to 8pm CST, 7 days a week.