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What is a RapidAPN?

What is a RapidAPN?

Secure LTE in Days

Public Wi-Fi is the most common connection point for remote workers. It is not secure though.  Unless their computers are up-to-date, use encryption and a VPN; remote workers represent a security risk for companies.

Tech teams are overburdened, which results in off-site computers often not being up-to-date. Encryption and VPNs only work if they are turned on.  VPNs tend to slow down connectivity meaning many will not use them unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you switch to a private Wi-Fi to fill that security gap, reliability of connectivity and speed both become issues. How, then, do you create a seamless user experience while maintaining a secure reliable connection?

Have you heard the one about secure LTE?Fifty-seven percent of technology executives worry about the security of non-managed devices.

Private cellular connectivity answers most needs at a sustainable cost.  Secure LTE gives companies:

  • private connectivity,
  • control over their network usage,
  • a seamless secure user experience (since it is automatic),
  • and, best of all, the connection is at the SIM level so it cannot be turned off.

Secure LTE is fast, private, reliable and removes the potential of human error from the security equation.  Whether a remote employee is at home, in the airport or at their kid’s soccer game, they have the same user experience.

If secure LTE is more reliable & safe, then why don’t we see more of it?

There is one main reason that we don’t see secure LTE as a mainstream product in our partners’ portfolios – time to deploy.

For many partners and customers, creating a secure LTE connection simply takes too long.  Creating an APN (access point name – the base for any secure private network) can take weeks to months depending on the carrier.  Daily, I hear from partners that the time to build an APN is their number one gating factor.

If it takes 6 months to get the APN live, it means the revenue from a deal doesn’t start for 6 months.  For most partners, that makes secure cellular a non-starter. In addition, while a customer is waiting for this build, what if their security is breached?  What if someone comes along with a quicker solution?  The delay in deploying often puts partners in an uncomfortable position.

Ready to talk to our team?

Deploy an APN in days rather than months with RapidAPNs.

Our product team took this long build time as a challenge to overcome.  With the help of key engineers in the all the major carriers, we were able to path a new way to create APNs and therefore provide secure LTE in the matter of days rather than months.

Think of CyberReef as providing APN as a service (APNaaS – to coin a new phrase) or as an APN broker.  We have APNs ready to deploy and can customize them to a company’s needs in a matter of days. Best of all, RapidAPNs are included in every MobileWall platform build.  This means for the standard price of secure private network, we can deploy secure LTE in days.

We have removed the barrier for secure LTE to be a part of your standard portfolio.

What can RapidAPNs do for your sales?

Simple, RapidAPNs removes the major barrier keeping partners from selling cybersecurity – time to deploy.  It also does not add to the overall cost of deploying MobileWall, it is simply a feature of our private networks. Further, they will:

Increase your rate plan business. For a RapidAPN MobileWall deployment, it does not matter who owns the rate plans, therefore your team will be able to sell more rate plans while offering cybersecurity.

  1. Increase your product portfolio. Cybersecurity is a top concern in most companies.  Your portfolio of products needs to address that concern.  MobileWall will be able to answer that need in the mobile space.
  2. Create more opportunities for your sales team. With MobileWall, you will be able to add private networking and cybersecurity at an unmatched speed to deploy, therefore you and your team will be able to bid on more opportunities.
  3. Give your team the ability to sell into your base. Give your sales team and account managers the ability to go back to your base and sell cybersecurity. Let your customers know that you are the one stop shop for all the tech needs while potentially creating sales from your current customers.
  4. Keep customers longer. Cyber security is sticky. Creating a secure LTE connection will mean your customers will stay longer. For two reasons, you are providing more value to their company at minimal cost and private networks are not easily moved – like a simple LTE connection is.

What about secure 5G?

We can create the same connections for 5G as we do for LTE.  Simple, secure and up in the matter of days.  The principle between the two are the same and we have the RapidAPNs waiting.

Want to learn more? 

Webinar: Secure Connections in Days with RapidAPNS

About Rachel Turkus

Rachel Turkus, Senior Vice President of Marketing at CyberReef, has led channel marketing programs at both partner and supplier organizations over the past eight years. In every role, she has been challenged to build or shore up marketing processes and teams that were heavy on field marketing but lacking digital prowess required for modern channel programs. Most notably, Turkus has been named to women in the Channel three years in a row, named a Rising Star in 2021 by Cloud Girls, as well as been a part of the Alliance of Channel Women.