MobileWall for Education


Mobile Children’s (CIPA) Content Filtering, Cost
Management & Security

MobileWall for Education is here to help

Safe Internet

MobileWall is the trusted partner to provide safe, filtered internet for nearly 500,000 mobile lines, including over 800 school districts.

CyberReef is committed to helping close the digital divide through our MobileWall for Education offering. CyberReef is working in conjunction with major mobile operators in the United States to provide broadband to children who are distance learning at home.

Through its use of Children’s Information Protection Act (CIPA) filtering, MobileWall for Education protects students using the Internet at home for classwork. We provide schools a portal to modify filtering. Schools can allow access to age appropriate websites, and deny access to age inappropriate websites.

CIPA Content Filtering

Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant filtering done at the network level. No device apps required!

Cost Management

We help by giving you daily visibility and control of all mobile data usage. Easily automate application, website, and content accessibility to limit data usage.


Protect all school mobile devices by deploying a secure private mobile network.

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