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The Remote Learning Challenge

Schools across the nation are implementing remote learning initiatives to increase classroom time into the virtual environment. With economic inequality at an all time high, some low income students without home internet are unable to access these remote learning environments, creating obstacles to achieve the same potential as their peers.

To help close the digital divide, progressive schools, libraries, and community partners are providing reliable internet access to students in need. These much needed options include cellular enabled mobile hotspots, tablets, laptops and WiFi access on school buses. In order to provide these cellular internet connected devices, schools must place Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant content filtering in place to protect minors from obscene or harmful content over the Internet.

The CyberReef Solution

CyberReef’s Kids Internet Defense Shield (KIDS) allows student remote learning administrators to provide safe Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant, internet access to students in need. Along with providing a safe mobile learning environment, CyberReef’s innovative, patented, architecture enables full data insight, cost and use control, ensuring quick implementation and easy management.

Unlike our competitors, CyberReef’s services work on any connected mobile device, no client software required. Operating over a secure mobile private network, student data is protected through end-to-end encryption and cloud firewall protection.


Content Filtering
Provide a safe, productive learning environment and reduce online distractions with Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant filtering.

Cost Management
Use alerting, filtering, and throttling tools to automate bandwidth management. Guarantee the end of overages!

Use Management
Ensure compliance with school internet use policies with detailed usage reporting.

Works On Any Mobile Device
Flexible, patented, network architecture enables compatibility with all mobile devices (Hotspot, Tablet, Laptop, etc.)

Ensure that all mobile data is protected from intrusion, malware and virus threats through end-to-end encryption and cloud firewall protection.

Contact us to learn how Kids Internet Defense Shield can help your school or business.

Data Management Tools:

Alerting –
Two alert usage points based on hour/day/week/month.

Throttling –
Based on alert points that can be used to automatically slow down or prevent the flow of data.

Reporting –
Group and individual reports available highlighting application/website usage. Intuitive reporting options, based on your needs, include:

  • KIDS portalAutomated daily, weekly or monthly emailed PDF’s
  • Automated raw data exporting to 3rd party reporting systems
  • Intuitive online portal

Filtering –
Blacklisting/Whitelisting on category of application(s) or website(s). Works great in conjunction with our reporting feature.

Concierge Service –
At no additional cost, we will maintain everything for you, but for those who prefer a portal to manage filtering and reporting we provide that option too!

CIPA Compliant Mobile Data Filtering

data filtering

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