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CyberReef Makes Global Connections

CyberReef Makes Global Connections

CyberReef Part of U.S. Delegation at the Global Entrepreneurial Summit

Jamie Brown, CTO of CyberReef Solutions, was selected to represent the State of Louisiana in The Netherlands last month at the Global Entrepreneurial Summit, or GES. At the summit, leaders from a broad range of industries met to describe problems that need global solutions, and to chart the future of global business. Many of these leaders were looking for advice and connections, which Jamie was happy to provide.

From Queen Máxima to Korea Telecom

Some highlights included Queen Máxima from the Netherlands discussing women entrepreneurs and the struggles they face in other countries. Brown was also intrigued at hearing the president of Korea Telecom discuss 5G.

Brown says that CyberReef Solutions is right at the forefront of some of the issues discussed at the summit. For instance, “5G will only make threats more prevalent. Where CyberReef comes in is that we can protect that flow of data.”

Representing Louisiana on the Global Stage

The U.S. delegation chose CyberReef Solutions to represent Louisiana because the company is a highly respected tech firm. CyberReef employees have diverse and multi-faceted backgrounds. From telecom to wireless internet, CyberReef brings a wealth of knowledge not only to Louisiana and the South, but also to the global stage. With that exposure and the connections it brings, CyberReef aims to help Louisiana attract more and bigger companies in the technology arena.

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