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Mobile internet growth is uncontrollable, leading to increases in overages and rate plan costs.

Mobile internet growth is being driven by non-business applications. Facebook and YouTube alone account for over a third of mobile internet traffic, as illustrated in Figure 1. Additionally, as shown in Figure 2, these applications are growing at a 40-55% CAGR.

Traditional telecom expense management practices include renegotiating rate plans and managing data pools. These practices can’t keep up with growing data costs. The only way to control costs is to bring down data consumption.

CyberReef’s Secure Bandwidth Manager service allows customers to drive down data consumption and costs by providing website filtering and throttling. The benefits of this service are as follows:

  • Eliminate Overages
  • Better Control of Data Usage
  • Mobile Internet Use Reporting
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Consistent Internet Use Policy
  • Support for Smartphones, Tablets, and IoT Devices

CyberReef brings a unique approach with our patented technology that our competitors cannot match. CyberReef requires no software on the device to perform its services. Unlike our competitors, we support all device types supported by the carriers, not just smartphones and tablets. On average, our customers experience a 50-70% reduction in data consumption.

Key features of Secure Bandwidth Manager are as follows:
Analyzing and filtering data funnel diagram

YouTube and Facebook account for one third of web traffic
Mobile Traffic is growing by category of usage
Uncontrolled data traffic will double by 2020

Reducing Data Consumption and Costs

Increase productivity by dropping your data inefficiencies.

If you are struggling with an increase in mobile data costs, Secure Bandwidth Manager is your solution. We can put you back in control of your mobile spend — GUARANTEED!

We are so confident that we can reduce your mobile data spend that we offer a 100% guarantee. If we can’t save you money on your monthly mobile data spend, you will receive our services free for one year. No one else in the industry makes this offer — no one! Below are three real customers’ case examples of how Secure Bandwidth Manager has helped reduce data consumption from 54-66% for customers of different sizes and industry segments.
Real Case Examples - Construction, Health Care, Tourism

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